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Alima Pure

Loose Mineral Eyeshadows

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After Hours
Black Orchid
Black Violet
Brown Sugar
Lilac AP

The beautiful Loose Mineral Eye-shadows are pure and highly-pigmented loose powders with a subtle shimmer (Luminous Shimmer), pearly luminous finish (Pearluster) or a velvet matte finish (Satin Matte).
Blending easily for a perfectly buildable coverage, they will give you a soft glow or natural finish used as is, a bolder metallic finish or stronger pop of color, when used damp. Silky soft, weightless and long-lasting, it will add a wash of colour to your eyes whatever you fancy that day.


Very versatile thanks to the great range of colours available, don't tell me you can't find your gem of the day in those!

- "After Hours" - Luminous Shimmer : a Gold-Flecked Charcoal (sounds really well with After-Work Drinks, don't you think?).
- "Amethyst" - Pearluster : a Dust Plum.
- "Ash" - Satin Matte : a dusty Cream.
- "Aubergine " - Luminous Shimmer : a Rich Purple.
- "Auburn" - Satin Matte : a warm Terracotta Brown.
- "Black Orchid" - Luminous Shimmer : a Rusted Plum.
- "Blond" - Satin Matte : a Golden Tan.
- "Bone" - Satin Matte : a Sheer Cream.
- "Bramble" - Satin Matte : a Muted Mauve.
- "Breathless" - Pearluster : a Grey Gold (to leave everyone else breathless...).
- "Brown Sugar" - Luminous Shimmer : a Shimmering Tawny.
- "Camel" - Pearluster : a muted golden Copper.
- "Camellia" - Satin Matte : a Petal Pink.
- "Cappuccino" - Pearluster : a Smoky Cocoa.
- "Chai" - Luminous Shimmer : a Rose Gold (amazing how it illuminates the eye, all tiredness gone!).
- "Champagne" - Pearluster : a Peachy Cream (should we toast to it?).
- "Cimarron" - Pearluster : a Deep Rust.
- "Cobalt" - Satin Matte : a Vibrant Rich Blue.
- "Cocoa" - Satin Matte : a Warm Chocolate Brown.
- "Cypress" - Pearluster : a Deep Smoky Sea Green (I'm dreaming already...).
- "Danube" - Satin Matte : a Faded Denim.
- "Espresso" - Satin Matte : a Rich Brown.
- "Fawn" - Satin Matte : a Peachy Beige.
- "Fleur" - Satin Matte : a Peachy Nude.
- "Flashback" - Luminous Shimmer : a Patined Bronze.
- "Glow" - Pearluster : a creamy buttery Yellow .
- "Grace" - Pearluster : a Bronzed Plum.
- "Java" - Satin Matte : a rich Chocolate Brown.
- "Leone" - Luminous Shimmer : a Sparkling Soft Gold.
- "Lilac" - Satin Matte : a smoky Purple.
- "Mahogany" - Satin Matte : a Khaki Brown.
- "Mocha" - Pearluster : a dusty Espresso.
- "Paris" - Luminous Shimmer : a Sparkling Sandy Nude (to sparkle like the City of Lights).
- "Raven" - Satin Matte : a Plumy Grey.
- "Sage" - Satin Matte : a Soft Mint.
- "Silk" - Pearluster : a Peachy Nude.
- "Smoke" - Luminous Shimmer : a Deep Blue-Green (thinking Ariel deep eye gazing).
- "Taupe" - Pearluster : a light & soft Hazelnut Brown.
- "Tigereye" - Luminous Shimmer : a Deep Bronze (this one makes me dream of old statues in Bangkok... don't ask me why).
- "Toffee" - Pearluster : a soft Copper.
- "Topaz" - Pearluster : an Antiqued Gold (very Ancient Egypt).
- "Truffle" - Luminous Shimmer : an Antiqued Brown.
- "Venus" - Luminous Shimmer : a Sparkling Peach (Lovely for a sunny wedding day in the summer)
- "Vertigo" - Pearluster : an Antiqued Taupe.


Their great coverage can be either subtle or bold, bolder if used damp.


Mineral beauty brand Alima Pure has a simple motto: "Minimal ingredients for Maximum impact. A few simple, natural ingredients crafted in just the right way.". We couldn't agree more.


Minimal? Yes, but only in ingredients, never in choice and fun.

Organic? Yes, with the strictest and highest quality, with no concession to elegance and sleek design.

Delivering? oh Yes!
In colour? Rich, deep, sparkly, subtle, matte, fun, eye-popping, dramatic or nude, the hardest is to choose.
In comfort? Silky soft surprise letting the skin breathe.
In covering and hold? Natural, buildable, richly pigmented, long-lasting, enhancing, safe, calming, sun protecting, what more to say?


The whole Alima Pure product choice is extensive, from Face, to Cheeks to Eyes and Lips, to allow every woman to find what would suit her mood that day. The colours are varied, as well as the finishes: satin matte, pearluster, luminous shimmer...


1.75gr. - 0.06oz for Luminous Shimmer & Pearluster / 2gr. - 0.07oz for Satin Matte


Made in USA



Leaping Bunny Certification  Member of 1% for the Planet  B Corporation Certified


Food-grade plastic jar packed in 100% post-consumer recycled paper box, printed with eco-friendly soy-based inks.

100% of ingredients are from natural origin.


Ingredients: Mica (CI 77019). May contain: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Ferric Ferrocyanide (CI 77510).


Gluten free.

Apply on your eye lids using, depending on your needs and design of the day
- your All-over Shadow Brush for all over pigment application,
- your Contour Shadow Brush for crease and contour work,
-your Mini-Blending Brush for expert blending of the pigments,
- your Precision Angle Brush for defined lines and bold brows.


Can be used dry, in one or several layers to build the colour and coverage, or damp, for a bolder effect and metallic finish.


As the powder is richly pigmented, we recommend that you build the colour by applying first a small quantity of powder, and come back to it should you want it.


As with all make-up, allow for a little time (a couple of coffee sips? Eye-liner pose? Lover's kiss?) to let the mineral powder settle. It will give you a more accurate depiction of the final colour and coverage. And then you can decide safely to add to it... or not!

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