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Kure Bazaar

Jeans Pouch with chain

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Light / Gold
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Dark / Silver

Kure Bazaar's vegan Jeans Pouch with a chain is a innovative accessory to protect your new Kure Bazaar Lipsticks (Satin, Matte or Balm) refillable tube!.
4 combinations are available : light or dark jeans with gold or silver chain. 


A trendy up-cycled jeans pouch handmade from scraps from Haute Couture factories, they protect the tube with in a fun and elegant way.


Made in Italy

Cotton jeans with brass chain. 


Vegan, Gluten free.

Protect your tube with the pouch.

Kure Bazaar, fashionably made in France & Italy, has developed healthier solutions(*) for trendsetting and professional colours at your finger tips & now your lips.


Launched in 2011, their exclusive and innovative formulation is up to 90% natural, reducing chemical ingredients drastically from what was done in the nail industry at the time. With fortifying Bamboo extract and Vitamin E, they preserve the nails' vitality, all this without compromising on professional quality, long-lasting wear and gorgeous fun colours.


Continuing with their vegan & ecologic vision, they launched in 2020 the newest members of the Kure Bazaar Family : gorgeous refillable lipsticks in slick eco-friendly aluminium cases. 

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