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Savor Beauty

Savor Beauty Mask Brush

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Savor Beauty's vegan Mask Brush is the ideal bamboo brush to apply their gorgeous Face Cake Masks or the renown Manuka Honey Mask.


To enjoy a full slow beauty ritual, prepare your mask in a bowl following the recipes in each Face Mask Mix before applying with the vegan Mask Brush and its ultra soft bristles.


Made in the USA

Vegan Bristles and Bamboo Handle

Apply on the Face and Neck as needed.


The Face Cake comes with 3 recipes to start (you can always improvise yours also).
Mix together the recommended ingredients (milk, water or even egg whites... read the instructions). 

Apply with your Mask Brush

Let sit on the skin as recommended.

Rinse off gently with lukewarm water and your favorite cloth


Follow with mist, serum and/or cream for a full treatment. 

Savor Beauty Founder, Angela Jia Kim, grew up watching the beauty rituals of the Korean women of her family. Taking care of their skins like precious silk, her mother and aunts always used exotic and rare ingredients in their layering ritual.
After experiencing very public breakouts due to a so-called natural lotion, Angela started to study formulas and craft her very own skincare.
With her Korean beauty education in mind, she added her version of exotic and luxurious ingredients with tremendous benefits to the skin in her products. We're talking Champagne, Caviar and Truffles, sounding incredibly sexy but also deeply nourishing your skin, enhancing its hydration level and natural glow.

Flawless skin with organic and efficient products? All in a New York Minute because we're all busy right? Well, that's what Savor Beauty aims at, and most certainly delivers with its 5-step routine, locally and ethically produced in the Hudson Valley in their own beauty studio.

Enjoy their products in your daily routine or in "1-minute" rituals for deeper care. We certainly do both.

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