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Legendary Amazon Oil



The Legendary Amazon Oil is a blend of light plant and flower oils, designed for daily use, to add shine, prevent frizz & flyaways, and smooth hair strands. Easily absorbed, it offers healthy lustrous hair daily without silicones nor chemicals.

It is designed for all hair types, for daily use, delivering high shine and moisture, anti-frizz finish, reviving dry, damaged hair, preventing split ends, nourishing and protecting hair follicule with a soothing scent.


Soothing with anti-inflammatory Calendula & Rosemary, the Legendary Amazon Oil nourish deeply and moisturize hair follicule with Aloe Vera & Coconut oil, smoothing frizz, split ends, and promoting high shine to lackluster hair.
A trio of Rainforest grown oils penetrate deeply into each hair strand to heal and revitalize : moisture is locked in by Sacha Inchi. Precious Rahua & vitamin-rich Morete (also known as Buriti) oils fortify and strengthen, for beautifully smooth, supple hair strand.


The Legendary Amazon Oil leave the hair supremely healthy and radiant, with antioxidant and UV protection.

Antioxydant Gardenia is extracted through ancient enfleurage to preserve the fragrance’s purest sweet essence and its antioxidants properties to delight senses as well. 



Growing up in Ecuador and travelling the seas, Fabian Lliguin has always been close to Nature. Now a renown hairdresser from Manhattan, he is invested in giving back and working with local tribes to help them develop eco-tourism, as well as preserve and sustain their rituals and unique ecosystems.
During one of his trips to the Amazon Rainforest, he discovered rahua oil almost by accident. For centuries the members of the Quechua-Shuar tribe, who live deep within the Rainforest, have relied on this oil to nourish their hair and skin with gorgeous results.

Realizing he has found something very special, he decided, with the help of his wife, Anna, fashion designer and trend-forcaster, to launch Rahua, using pure local ingredients and their experiences to create natural hair care with unparalleled performance.

The resulting worldwide acclaim is allowing today for more than 500 families from the Quechua-Shuar, Achuar, and neighboring tribes to work to cultivate the Rainforest grown ingredients used in the Rahua hair care and body care collections, thanks to Fabian and Anna intuition and dedication to not disrupt the ancestral process. 


All Rahua products are very concentrated, and you’ll need little to see them work wonders.


Made in USA

100% of ingredients are from natural origin.


Ingredients: Calendula Oil(*), Decolorized Aloe Vera Leaf Oil(*), Coconut Oil(*), Rosemary Leaf Extract(*), Rahua Oil(s), Morete Fruit Oil(s), Sacha Inchi Oil, Fragrance, Gardenia Essential Oil.

INCI: Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil(*), Decolorized Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Oil(*), Cocos Nucifera Fruit Oil(*), Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract(*), Oenocarpus Bataua Oil(s), Mauritia Flexuosa Fruit Oil(s), Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil, Aroma, Gardenia Jasminoides Oil.

(*) organic origin
(s) Symbiotic® origin


Symbiotic® origin is Rahua's standard : rainforest/wild grown in undisturbed virgin forest, harvested and prepared using indigenous knowledge by people indigenous to the virgin forest environment, and purchased at a price that helps to grow and sustain these traditions and empower local tribes.

Use on Hair.


On towel-dried hair after the shampoo, warm 1 to 2 pumps in your palms and massage into hair from mid-length to ends.

Blow-dry or air-dry afterwards.

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