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Max and Me

I am the Light - Radiant Face Oil

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The I am the Light Face Oil is a lightweight face serum to instantly awaken dull, tired or congested skin for a radiant & hydrated complexion.
Adding glow to all skin types, it is potently toning, rejuvenating and deeply healing to smooth acne scars, fine lines... for an ageless radiance.


Light-gold in colour, it is lovely applied under make-up to add light, a dewy finish and antioxidant protection daily.


The I am the Light oil is composed of highly moisturising & antioxidant Marula & Pomegranate oils, regenerating & anti-dehydration Argan & Macadamia oils, strongly healing Rosehip & Olive oils, anti-inflammatory St John's Wort oil and uplifting Apple Blossom Oil for a soothed radiance.

To those precious oils is added a blend of illuminating essential oils to make the skin naturally glow : toning Jasmine, hydrating Damask Rose, enlightening Pink Lotus, uplifting Neroli , inflammation-tamming Cypriol.
A touch of inspiring Frangipani & strengthening White Fir add a ravishing scent to the formula.


This rare formula enlightens all skins and promotes a wonderful connection to the Third eye (the Sixth Chakra), thanks to its high vibrational, carefully selected ingredients. The forehead chakra is the seat of intuition, inspiration and visions in all their forms. See things differently, with more clarity or bursts of intuition, when massaging this precious oil between your eyebrows (see our "How to use" tab for more).


Max and Me skincare is a one-of-a-kind minimal skincare line, born from love (the love Tanja & Max share), made with love and shared to spread love & harmony to skin & mind alike.


Tanja, the creative force behind the precious formulas, is trained in energetic healing, aromatherapy and kinesiology, pouring all her passion and intuitive talent to blend textures and scents to balance the skin, yes, but also the mind and heart.
With consultations from a team of scientists that are part of the Max and Me family, you'll feel the high vibration energy from the incredible formulas, grounding the mind in the moment, a restful treatment allowing for self-love and self-healing to the skin, heart and mind alike.


Making sure to use the purest and most vibrant ingredients to heal the skin on a cellular level, Tanja & Max only work with farmers around the globe that are true to their own values : caring for the Earth and plants, valuing the highest quality and care, without processing, heating, treating, etc... the plants until they reach the Max and Me Manufacture, and Tanja.

All Max & Me products are handmade, hand-blended and hand-bottled in their very own eco-conscious manufacture in Austria, to benefit from even more energetic effect, nested in a pure & pristine garden, reflection of the purity of their products.



Made in Austria.



Ecocert Certification Leaping Bunny Certification


Bottle made from violet glass.

100% of ingredients are from natural origin.

88% of ingredients are organic.

11,6% of ingredients are wild-crafted.


Ingredients: Argan Oil(*), Rosehip Oil(*), Marula Oil(w), St John's Wort Oil(*), Olive Oil(*), Apple Blossom Extract(w), Pomegranate Seed Oil(*), Macadamia Nut Oil(*), Damas Rose Essential Oil(*), Jasmine Flower Extract(*), Lotus Flower Extract, Neroli Flower Extract(*), White Fir Essential Oil(w*), Cypriol Essential Oil(w*), Frangipani Extract, Benzyl Alcohol(x), Benzyl Benzoate(x), Benzyl Salicylate(x), Citral(x), Citronellol(x), Eugenol(x), Farnesol(x), Geraniol(x), Limonene(x), Linalool(x), Vitamin E(h).

INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil(*), Rosa Moschata Seed Oil(*), Sclerocarya Birrea Kernel Oil(w), Hypericum Perforatum Oil(*), Olea Europaea Fruit Oil(*), Malus Sylvestris Flower Extract(w), Punica Granatum Seed Oil(*), Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil(*), Rosa Damascena Flower Oil(*), Jasminum Sambac Flower Extract(*), Nelubum Speciosum Flower Extract, Citrus Aurantium Flower Extract(*), Picea Alba Oil(w*), Cyperus Scariosus Root Oil(w*), Plumeria Alba Flower Extract, Benzyl Alcohol(x), Benzyl Benzoate(x), Benzyl Salicylate(x), Citral(x), Citronellol(x), Eugenol(x), Farnesol(x), Geraniol(x), Limonene(x), Linalool(x), Tocopherol(h).

(*) organic origin
(w) Wild-crafted
(w*) Wild-grown organic origin
(x) naturally occurring in essential oils
(h) naturally occurring in St John's Wort Oil


Vegan, Gluten free.

To use on Face, Eye Contour and Neck morning and evening.


Warm a few drops of oil between your palms.


Eyes closed, breathe in deeply three times to welcome the good energy in.


Massage the oil on your damp skin with circular motions from below upwards, beginning with a stroking motion up your neck.


Pat some extra oil around your eyes and mouth to soften those fine lines.


For a deeper Energetic experience : Third Eye Massage:
Before massaging the oil over the face, massage one drop of the face oil into your skin at the position of your third eye, between your eye brows, using a counter-clockwise motion, and concentrate on this spot.
Afterwards, or even without doing the Third Eye Massage, when massaging the face oil on your face, recite as follows "I am the light" while visualizing bright rays of light radiating from your skin. You indeed are the light.

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