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Coloured "Cold" Kajal

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Moss Green
Aquamarine Pearl
Pearly White
Silver Grey
Deep Black
Taupe L
Bronze L
Gold L

The 100% natural Kajals come from an ancient Ayurvedic tradition, mixing in one smooth gesture, care and make-up for the eyes.
(For "non cold version" coloured Kajal please check our selection here, for transparent Kohl Kajals please check our selection here and for Black Demeter Kohl Kajals, please check our selection here).


The "Cold" Coloured Kajals, with their higher ratio of purified natural Camphor and added extracts of Peppermint will relieve your tired or irritated eyes by making them feel even more"refreshed" and rested.


The Kajals help protect your eyes against pollution, air conditioning, screens and other daily irritations modern life inflicts on the eyes.
The Kajals, through their natural ingredients, will bind together dust, pollen and other particles, allowing them to be washed out by the lachrymal system afterwards.
The pure carbon will help to flush out impurities, while Eyebright will relieve eye strain and inflammation.


The "Cold" coloured Kajals are available in the following shades:
- "Moss Green Cold" (n°203C) : a lovely light yellow green with a bit of golden sparkle.
- "Emerald Cold" (n°204C) : who doesn't want to feel like a jewel? A strong cold green, emerald green, to sublime all eye colours, even green ones.
- "Dark Blue Cold" (n°205C) : A deep dark blue, almost black, but just with the hint of blue that makes the difference.
- "Azure Cold" (n°207C) : an intense and regal cold blue, with a slight silvery shimmer.
- "Ice Blue Cold" (n°208C) : a light silver-blue, slightly transparent, as refreshing as an ice-cream on a hot summer day. Lovely on all eye colours.
- "Deep Black Cold" (n°209C) : well... black, classic, always a good idea, dramatic or subtle, your choice.
- "Bronze Cold" (n°210C) : a warm metallic tone. It can even double as a lip-liner.
- "Gold Cold" (n°214C) : a warm metallic yellow gold, with pinkish undertones, to make your eyes sparkle, especially blue or green ones.
- "Silver Grey Cold" (n°215C) : A lovely dark grey, matching every eye or combination colour.
- "Pearly White Cold" (n°216C) : a shiny as a lovely pearl. Perfect to awaken all eyes, when use on the inner lids. Who said no sleep last night?
- "Violet Cold" (n°217C) : a warm violet, with light red undertones. Perfect for a bit of dramatic effect if you want to turn up the glamour.
- "Taupe Cold" (n°218C) : an amazing neutral metallic colour, enhancing all eye colours by giving depth and mystery. One of the best-selling colour.
- "Aquamarine Pearl Cold" (n°230C) : a shimmering turquoise blue with gold glitter. Goes perfectly with Pearly White and Gold for a sophisticated but discreet finish. Lovely on blue and green eyes as well.


It can be used on all eyes.
With contact lenses as there are colour pigments in the coloured Kajals, it is not recommended to apply them on your waterline. But the other applications are possible, even with contact lenses.
You should of course assess your own sensibility and need.


All ingredients are chosen to benefit your eyes, from a "fresh" sensation to anti-inflammatory properties, leaving your eyes bright and clear, as well as relaxed and comfortable.


Made from carefully selected and cultivated ingredients, plant-base oils, beeswax, purified natural camphor, carbon and "ghee" (clarified butter from a traditional Ayurvedic technique), the Kajals are handmade in Germany and melted into their cone shape (not pressed), thanks to the "ghee", softer than wax usually used. This softness benefits your eyes also when applied!


Lakshmi is also very mindful of using the best quality, being EcoCert certified for all their coloured Kajals, which is the strictest certification seal in the European Cosmetics branch.


Made in Germany




100% of ingredients are from natural origin.

from 45% to 61% of ingredients are organic, depending on colour.


Ingredients: Butter/Ghee(*), Lanolin, Carnauba wax(*), Coconut Oil(*), Castor bean Oil(*), Beeswax(*), Camphor, Sweet Almond Oil(*), Aloe Vera Extract(*), Eyebright Extract(*), Peppermint Extract(*), and depending on colour the following natural mineral pigments : +/- CI 77007, CI 77268, CI 77288, CI 77289, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77510, CI 77742, CI 77891, Mica, Silica, Talc.

INCI: Butyrum(*), Lanolin, Cera Carnauba(*), Cocos Nucifera Oil(*), Ricinus Communis Oil(*), Cera Flava(*), Camphor, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil(*), Aloe Barbadensis Extract(*), Euphrasia Officinalis Extract(*), Mentha Piperita Extract(*), and depending on color the following natural mineral pigments : +/- CI 77007, CI 77268, CI 77288, CI 77289, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77510, CI 77742, CI 77891, Mica, Silica, Talc.


(*) organic origin


Bees at work, Gluten free.

The Kajals, with their smooth cone shape are gentle to apply, and can be used in many ways.


You can apply them on the inner rim of the eyes, on your waterline, top and/or bottom. Like this, the Kajal positively influences the production of lachrymal fluid, bringing a shine to the whites of the eyes (Don't worry, it will not make you cry!).

The coloured Kajals, having pigment of colours, are not recommended for application on the waterline when wearing contact lenses. But all other applications are fine and will still enhance your lovely eyes.


You can also apply them as a more classical eye-liner, at the roots of your lashes. Your lashes will benefit from the chosen oils of the Kajal.


Last, but not least, the Kajal can be applied on the eyelid as an eye-shadow if wanted, for an additional comfort and colour touch.


Gently rotating the Kajal during application will ensure that the cone shape remains, without any need to sharpen it. This makes it very long-lasting, and economical (I got you there, as always).
When you arrive (at last!) at the end of your Kajal, an applicator or brush can be used for the broader base of the Kajal, to get the maximum of your product, until the very last smooth drop.

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