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Kahina Giving Beauty

Argan Oil

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Light and non-greasy, the pure Argan Oil is easily absorbed by the skin, helping with moisture loss on face, body and hair, as well as naturally treating skin conditions thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

To soften fine lines, to protect from dryness, to help skin hydration... the uses are almost endless !


Available in two sizes here, 30ml ideal for travel or the 100ml family-size. The 30ml is also included in the acclaimed travel trio basics if you prefer.
You can always collect both sizes depending on the mood and time of use... We know we do.


As always, you have quality and quality... The Argan Oil, used in all products of the line, is of the higher kind, minimally processed, using best practices in harvesting and extraction techniques and ideally packaged for quality and antioxidant preservations.


Kahina Giving Beauty, a natural, fair-trade and organic skincare line, aims to link women together to help each other through shared beauty Rituals, working and sponsoring very closely a female-run Berber cooperative producing Argan Oil. 


The core of the whole collection is this raw organic Argan Oil and its incredible properties, naturally rich in E Vitamin, fatty acids and antioxidant as well as its antibacterial attributes.


Argan oil used alone or associated with other beneficial natural and organic ingredients from around the world, the Kahina line produces a complete skincare regimen, luxurious and highly effective, for all skin types.


EcoCert certified for all products, the strictest certification for cosmetics, giving back to the community (25% of profits), environmentally committed through the choice and quality of ingredients as well as the lovely packaging, Kahina Giving Beauty bears its name really well, living the "Give before you Get" motto to the fullest.


And when you know that the drawings on the packaging are the signatures from the Berber women of the cooperative, it gives so much force and love to it, helping each other.


Made in the USA



Ecocert Certification Leaping Bunny Certification


Bottle made from recyclable violet glass packed in 100% post-consumer recycled paper box.

100% of ingredients are from natural and organic origin.


Ingredients: Argan Oil(*).

INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil(*).

(*) organic origin


Vegan, Gluten free.

To use on Face, Body and Hair... and Bath!


Pour some oil in your hands, warm it up lightly and apply on your cleaned skin.


This multi-purpose will help replenish moisture on your skin and scalp. For an additional moisture boost, apply the oil on wet skin, on face or body.


Use also a massage oil on the body.

Apply preferably from bottom to top to help blood flow.


Dry skins (and let's be honest, every skin), will love to add a couple of drops  of the oil in your bathtub (or more, depending of your bathtub. Assess), before soaking for a bit.

It will relieve dryness without even having to move. How cool is that?

And to clean your bathtub afterwards (yeah, it will leave a film...), Dr Bronner is always happy to help if needed!


Use on your hair as a deep care treatment:

Apply your scalp and/or tips as a mask. Let sit for a while before washing your hair (you may need to do two shampoo).


For a maximum effect on the hair, two tips:

Allow the oil to sit for a whole night (or day if you decide to do a home spa day!).

Wrap your head in a warm towel or in your kitchen cling film (for real! It will keep your mask warm underneath) for the whole time of your hair mask.

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