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Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic All-purpose Balm

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Inspired by Ancient Egypt beauty rituals, this all-purpose 100% natural balm has been a hit for more than 20 years now, thanks to its effective results and incredible multiple uses.


The results in themselves created a very loyal word of mouth of happy users, from stars to medically trained professionals, make-up artists or you and me.


Made with 6 ingredients only, all from natural origin and from bees, they have long been known for their healing, nutritive and protective powers.
The rich texture, a bit hard on first touch, will just melt on your skin, whatever the use.


The creamy texture ensures also that a little goes a very long way in terms of use.


Your go-to product either at home or when travelling (light or not), for the whole family.

What more to say? Nothing right? oh yes! Go have a look at our "How to Use" tab to see all that you can do with it (or maybe we should have written what you can't do with it, it may have been quicker...)

100% of ingredients are from natural origin.


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis.


That's it!


Bees at work, Gluten free.

This all-purpose balm really is all-purpose! Some even say "It does everything... but your taxes!".


Cream extra-ordinary:
For the face and body, even the eye area (gently and lightly!),
In your daily routine, in the morning, at night,
Or as a facial mask for weekly deeper care or while travelling to fight air-conditioning or extreme air conditions?
You choose.


Cracked something?
Use it on chapped lips to rejuvenate them,
On dry heels and elbows to see the miracle of plump and rosy skin reappearing happen,
On your hands and cuticles to enhance your perfect manicures.


Need treatment do-it-all?
For your pimples (or rather "against your pimples", to fight them off...),
To your first-aid kit for minors cuts and scratch relief, or insect bites,
As well as hydrating relief for skin troubles like Eczema and Psoriasis,
And not to forget your sunburn saviour, soothing the heat away.


Scaring scars away:
On recent scars or skin discolouration, can help and even accelerate healing.
Will work on Tattoo after-care also, healing and helping with moisturising and itching.


Care routine:
As a make-up remover
Or an after-shave soothing for the Gentlemen,
Or beard taming hero. 


Hair-y situation:
Used as a deep care solution when needed on scalp or splity ends
or as a moisturising hair styling product (close to a wax finish)


Make-up friend (yes!) :
As a primer to "get the glow" for a dewy finish
Or also as a base or binder for your mineral foundation, highlighter or blush!


Massage confident :
Using it for massaging, as the creamy texture dissolves rapidly into oil in your hands. And it will soften and nourish the skin at the same time.


Family Friend in a jar:
For the growing family, during and after pregnancy, to moisturise and nourish the skin and help it stay soft and supple, helping prevent stretch marks.
And also for the newcomer, baby when he/she arrives. As Egyptian Magic is natural, it is fit to be used on babies and infants, but as with any skin care product, please consult your paediatrician before use and do not apply if your baby may have an allergy to bee products.



Different ways to apply it, depending on the use you need or your preference of course:
- a thick layer : for a mask, local pimple treatment, healing scars, scratches or deep sunburn...
Let sit a while or until almost complete absorption. Remove excess gently with a warm cloth if needed.
- massage into the skin: as a cream, for lighter sunburn healing, for a massage, on babies'diaper rash...
- a thin layer: around the eye area, as make-up helper... Always easier to put a bit too little and come back to add more if needed.

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