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CHO Nature

Eye Contour Beauty Oil



This Eye Contour Oil by C.H.O. Nature is targeted to help improve the delicate skin around your eyes.


For women and men alike, it will help improve your dark circles, reduce any puffiness in the area, either from a too rich cream or from circulatory reason, and last but not least, reduce fine lines by helping the skin elasticity and cell regeneration, as well as staying nourished all day long.


This Eye Contour is a real powerhouse, a deep full treatment in a single drop, you don't need more for one eye! So the bottle will last you a while, and you'll enjoy every single drop of it!


C.H.O. Nature's philosophy is to use well-known plant-based raw ingredients, but only the highest of quality, researched and bottled in their own factory in the South of France, making them proud natural cosmetic artisans.


If you need some inspiration, have a look at the uses and tips on the "How to use" tab.


Made in France



Natrue Label


Scent: oriental spice, with a touch of nut.

Ground glass bottle with a pipette.

100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.

98,85% of ingredients are organic.


Ingredients: Hazelnut Oil(*), Nigella Oil(*), Rosehip Oil(*), Calophylle Oil(*), Vitamin E, Geranium Essential Oil, German Chamomile Essential Oil.  

INCI: Corylus Avellana Nut Oil(*), Nigella Sativa Seed Oil(*), Rosa Canina Fruit Oil(*), Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil(*), Tocopherol, Pelargonium Graveolens Oil, Matricaria Chamomilla Oil.

(*) organic origin

Vegan, Gluten free


essential oils - nut oil.

Apply morning and/or night, as needed.


Be careful not to expose yourself to sunlight without protection just after use.


Using 1 to 2 drops only for both eyes at a time, lightly pat with your finger under the eye on the limit of the bone area, it will at the same time activate blood flow.
Never put in the eyes.


Be careful not to come too close to the eye. As with any "rich" product, too close to the eye may cause puffiness at night.

If you pat under the eye and trust the capillary system to do its work, you'll enjoy the full effect of this oil.


You can use it in the morning before your make-up, as long as you give it some time to sit in (coffee break?) and gently dab the excess with a soft tissue.


Can be used on its own or under an eye cream as an eye serum. Apply your eye cream afterwards.
A bit of a richer treatment, can be done as a mask, punctually or more often, as needed.


Another trick ? I use it during the day, or at night before going out, for a quick fix-me-up.

Use just almost half a drop for both eyes, pat very gently with your finger.

Let it sit a little (while doing your hair/choosing your dress/sipping your tea - you choose).

If you still see a bit of shine, and would prefer not to, either dab the excess gently with a soft tissue, or pat again with your finger to spread the excess, it may be enough.

Apply make up if you wish, but anyway you'll look refreshed already!

Happy skin is the best trick!

Now, go be the Belle of the ball!

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