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Konjac Sponge Company

Konjac Baby Body Sponge

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The Konjac Sponge Company's Konjac sponges, when wet, will so gently

deeply cleanse

activate blood flow and cell renewal,

while leaving your skin rejuvenated and balanced thanks to the pH neutral quality of the Konjac root.

It can even help relieve some skin concerns and allergies.


You'll find here the Baby Body version, the original Konjac body sponge, fit for even the most sensitive, atopic and eczema-prone skin. It is perfect to clean Baby's skin without any harsh damaging cleaning products. 

The size of the Baby Body version is fit for babies and young children, for a happy bath time, their nappy changes, or help to washing their hair (holding 10 times its weight in water), and, a bit down the road, their high chair wipes downs, or even soothing inflamed cheeks from teething or weather.


Softer (when wet) than traditional sea sponges, the Konjacs (to make it short) were first developed for the delicate baby skin, that's how silky soft and safe they are! Cleansing and taking care of Baby's skin in one gesture.


Made from an ancient root, Amorphphallus Konjac, known and used for 1 500 years in Asia, in food-grade quality to which volcanic water is added, the Konjacs from the Konjac Sponge Company are totally pure, 100% natural and biodegradable, packed with minerals and antioxidants.


Free from chemicals, additives, colouring or irritating agents, these Konjacs do look lovely naturally, no added help needed.


Hard but light at the first look and touch, they swell and become fluffy and silky soft only when wet. Never ever use it dry! See our "How to use" tab for more information and for care instructions.


For Baby, a smaller version, for newborns and premature babies, is available here, named the Baby Face Sponge (same quality, just a bit smaller, round and no cord for safety).
Both are really great travel companions and perfect for daily on-the-go too.


Handmade in South Korea



Leaping Bunny - Cruelty free  Vegan


Size: approximately 9.5 by 6 cm when dry, larger when wet.

100% Pure Konjac root, a naturally moisture rich and alkaline plant fibre + filtered Water


Vegan, Gluten free.

It's Beautiful Skin Day everyday with the Konjacs, even for Baby! Let's enjoy it fully. Please find below the tips, uses and care instructions:


USE your Konjac


Perfect for daily use, morning and/or night.


1. First, always, wet the sponge completely. It will swell and become tender and soft as we like it.


2. Squeeze out excess water if you don't want it to be dropping everywhere (never ever twist the sponge, you'll break it prematurely)


3. Use then on the body in circular motions, always from bottom to top (It's better for gravity and blood flow).

Insist gently on the parts of your body that need that extra care.


4. Rinse your sponge carefully, then squeeze (noooo twisting! just squeezing) between your hands to allow for the water to get out.


5. Between uses, allow it to dry. Place in a cool and well-ventilated area, on a heated towel rail (my favourite), or even in the fridge to keep it cool. It will shrink when dry which is totally normal. Always rehydrate before using again.




Use dry: Never. Ever.

Wring your sponge: it may damage the delicate fibres.

Leave in a pool of water or your shower: bacteria may develop.


Quick Tips:

- To use with or without a cleanser. The skin will be cleaned from any water-based product just by the gentle massage.
Should you decide to add a cleanser, it will enhance its effect, making the product work harder and go further (to take into consideration when choosing your product).


- It is gentle enough to be used on the whole body.


- Choose the water temperature depending on what you want to achieve:
* Lukewarm : it will provide an immediate relaxing feeling, as well as open up the pores (more or less depending on the temperature), allowing for a deeper action of the products you use during or afterwards.
Word to the wise: be very careful with hot water, test it on your hand before putting it on your baby's skin.

* Cold : it will immediately refresh and cool the skin, activate the blood flow and tighten the pores.


- Just after using the Konjac, leave the skin rinsed and wet, and immediately follow with your favourite baby cream, balm or oil on wet skin to lock hydration in. With the activated blood flow, it will enhance the product benefits.



CARE of your lovely Konjac


Your Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural vegetable product and should last 2 to 3 months at least.


In order for your Konjac to last, taking care of it through the below steps will help its longevity.
Once a week, soak the Konjac in very hot water for a few minutes (don't pour the water on top of the Konjac), then, as usual, squeeze a little and let dry before use.


You have to replace your Konjac once it starts to break down or look tired.
You can compost it or use it safely in the garden to hold moisture for your plants. It will look good!


Never leave a child unattended with the sponge.

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