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Dr Bronner

Citrus-Orange Pure-Castile Liquid Soap



Made from plant-base oils and essential oils, all organic and fair-trade certified, Dr Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soaps are gentle to the skin but still very concentrated, without any synthetic agent or preservative to help get the lovely foam we all like. The preservatives are all natural , E vitamin and citric acid.


They come in 8 different scents (well, 7 scents and one unscented, to be perfectly precise), so that they can please the whole family, from Baby to Grand-Pa, and even your beloved pets! Oh, and you can use it for your household cleaning tasks too. What about that?


Being very concentrated, three times more than other "liquid" soaps, and "a few percent away to being solid", they do go a long way.
This is also the reason why they have so many possible uses.
If they boast an "18-in-1" uses, have a look at our "How to use" for more details and advice, as some of the uses are more recommended for some scents than others...


Should you prefer a solid version, have a look at Dr Bronner's Bar Soaps, slightly more moisturizing and less scented, same quality, same scent choice, different form!


Fortified by more than 150 years of family tradition in soap-making and organic fair-trade, the soaps from Dr Bronner's are Nature's gift in a bottle.


The Dr Bronner's brand's motto is very simple: Everything that is good for man can be found in Nature.
The objective is to use high-quality raw materials (100% biodegradable), in a responsible and sustainable way, for the Earth and for all the people working for the Brand, at headquarters or further down the line, so that everyone/everything benefits from it. "We are ALL-ONE or none."


Add to it the numerous organic labels they can pride themselves on, the vintage design with Emmanuel Bronner's original messages, the recycled packaging and the multiple uses the soaps allow, how could one resist this bottle, right? Or even try resisting...


They are market leader for organic soaps in the US and acclaimed around the world, as well as Stars' favourite through word-of-mouth mainly, because they are that good.


This is (again) your go-to product either at home or on the road, thanks to all the sizes it comes in and the biodegradable quality (hello camper!), fit for the whole family.
Don't thank us, start debating which scent you prefer.


Made in the USA



Fair For Life Natrue BDIH OTCO
Fair Deal Leaping Bunny - No Animal Testing Vegan


Scent: citrus fruits.

100% Post-consumer Recycled plastic bottle with a cap.

100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.

100% biodegradable.


Ingredients: Water, Saponified Coconut Oil(*)(T),  Saponified Olive Oil(*)(T), Glycerin, Saponified Hemp Oil(*), Saponified Jojoba Oil(*), Sweet Orange Peel Essential Oil(*), Lemon Peel Essential Oil(*), Lime Essential Oil(*), Citric Acid, Vitamin E, d-Limonene(x), Linalool(x), Citral(x).

INCI: Aqua, Potassium Cocoate(*)(T), Potassium Olivate(*)(T), Glycerin, Potassium Hempate(*), Potassium Jojobate(*), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil(*), Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Oil(*), Citrus Aurantifolia Oil(*), Citric Acid, Tocopherol, d-Limonene(x), Linalool(x), Citral(x).

(*) organic origin
(x) naturally occurring in essential oils
(T) Fair-trade certified


Vegan, Gluten free.


Essential Oils.

So, how to use the Pure-Castile Liquid soap by Dr Bronner?

Sometimes called the "Swiss-army knife" of cleaning - usable for just about any cleaning task, gentle enough for washing body, face or hair, but also powerful enough for tasks like dish-washing, mopping, laundry and even pest control. Though, different tasks call for different dilutions of the soap.

Well, you'll find below even more than the 18 uses that are advertised, but all tried and acclaimed... with some tips on dilution and adequate scents for some of the use and all... because, well, you know, we care for you and didn't want you to do all the work. But bear in mind: your own trials are always worth it!


Starting with the Personal care options :


- Shower or Bath gel:
A small squirt of soap on your wet washcloth or in your hands, and then lather on your wet skin.

- Face cleanser:
To remove make-up and/or clean your lovely face, use 2 to 3 drops on wet hands, lather, and then massage gently on your wet face.
For acne-prone skins, the Tea Tree scent will work wonders.
For sensitive skins, the Unscented/Baby mild scent may be preferred.

- Bath happiness:
It really depends on the water amount, but roughly 2 tablespoons of soap in an average sized tub. It won't bubble, but will smell divine and still clean (yourself, and won't hurt your bathtub at the same time).

- Shaving:
Quantity of soap needed:
Face: 10 drops,
Armpits: 3 drops,
Legs: half a teaspoon,
Work to a lather in your wet hands and then apply on the desired area.

- After-shave:
Dilute 1 or 2 drops in a spray bottle with water, and apply after shaving for soothing effect.
Best with Eucalyptus, Peppermint or Tea Tree scents.

- "Toothpaste":
1 drop on your toothbrush and you're set.
Peppermint scent is recommended.
Be aware it does still taste like soap... but it can come in handy as a temporary fix, especially when travelling.

- Mouthwash:
Dilute 1 drop in a bit of water.
Peppermint scent is recommended.
Same as for the "Toothpaste" but a bit more diluted in scent. 

- Shampoo :
Pour a half a tablespoon of soap in your hands and apply on wet hair. Or you can dilute half a tablespoon of soap into half a cup of water and work it into wet hair.
For long hair, use a conditioner in addition.
This use is great for travelling or as a temporary fix.

- Foot Bath :
Pour one and a half teaspoon of soap in a small tube of hot water.
Lavender scent is recommended for relaxation, but any of your choosing will work, depending on your mood and preference of the day.

- Hot towel Massage :
In your sink full of hot water, pour one drop of your favorite scent on your towel. Wring out the towel a bit, and apply on the face, scalp or the body as needed.
Let it rest and/or massage slightly with your finger tips.
Repeat on other body parts as needed.
Change the scent.
Do as you please.

- Baby Care :
Using the Unscented/Baby mild scent, pour a few drops in the bathtub or on your wash cloth and lather your baby gently.
Be careful to avoid any contact with the eye area.

- Deodorant solution :
On clean skin, slightly dilute a little bit of soap and apply with your fingertips under your armpits.
Peppermint scent is recommended.

- Congestion fighter and pore cleaner :
Pour 1 tablespoon of soap (Peppermint, Tea Tree or Eucalyptus scents are recommended here) in a bowl of steaming hot water.
Breath in the mist (careful when it is hot at first to not boil yourself, assess your own tolerance, it should be hot but tolerable) with a towel wrapped over the head (to really keep the mist in).
This will help clear congestion, and also open your pores for a deep cleaning and care. Your skin will be ready for a lovely mask afterwards.
Recommended to be done at night. Be careful not to go outside for at least one hour after an inhalation, as your mucous membranes have been dilated by the heat, and are more permeable to germs.


Moving to the Household uses!


- Dish-washing soap :
There are two ways to use it for hand-washing your dishes :
Either pour a couple of drops on your sponge, add water and happily start scrubbing.
Pre-dilute some product to be ready for use when needed. The proportion should be 1 to 10 with water.

- Make-up accessories cleaner :
Either use directly a couple of drops on your make-up brushes, add water, shampoo the brushes and foam tools and rinse well.
Or dilute 2 to 3 drops in a glass of lukewarm water, soak the brushes or foam tools, let sit a while, then rinse thoroughly.

- Laundry Time :
Depending of your laundry needs :
Hand-washing delicate materials (such as silk), let the clothes soak 10 minutes with your favorite scent, and rinse with clear water several times to clear all.
for your washer, for a large load use one-third to half a cup of liquid soap. Add half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. Use half the amount for the quick wash cycles.
Peppermint, Citrus or Tea Tree scents will add a nice fresh feel to your laundry.

- "Spring-Cleaning" Time :
The choice is yours, as is the scent of choice:
- All-purpose cleaning : one quarter of soap diluted in a quart of water in a spray bottle. If desired, add one-quarter of teaspoon of tea tree essential oil for antibacterial purposes.
- Mopping (the floor!): get in a jolly mood when cleaning with your "scent of the day" depending on your mood, the weather, or whatever you fancy: add half a cup of soap to 3 gallons (approx. 11 litres) of hot water.
- Get your Windows shining with 1 tablespoon of soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Follow up with pure club soda (!) or half-vinegar + half-water.
- Clean Toilets : Prepare a solution of 1 to 4 soap to water in a squirt bottle. Add one-quarter of tea tree essential oil for antibacterial purposes.
Empty the toilet, squirt the bowl thoroughly, sprinkle (like a lovely fairy) baking soda on top of your cleaning brush and scrub thoroughly. Let sit 10 minutes, and then flush and admire your handy-work.

- Produce Rinse :
To rinse your produce, either greens or lovely fresh fruits, add a dash of soap (approx. one-quarter of teaspoon) to a clear cold water bowl. Dunk your produce, swish smartly and rinse well with clear water.
Citrus scent is recommended, to be on the 'safe' side taste-wise if rinsing is not thorough...

- Pet Care :
Yes you can also use the soap to shower your beloved pets. Amount will vary depending on the size, hair type and length of course. As dogs and cats are hairier than human, it may take more soap than for you (and don't get me started on the "dirtier" part we could discuss). Be careful, as you do for you, to avoid the eye area with the soap.
The trick would be to start showering your dog or cat, and adding the Castile soap up slowly to work up a good lather.
Really massage it down to the skin. And rinse afterwards.
Cats don't tolerate essential oils, so for them, the Unscented/Baby mild scent would be recommended.

- Natural Pesticide Spray :
This might be the most surprising one (at least in our opinion).
To protect your plants against bugs, dilute 1 tablespoon of Tea Tree soap in a quart of water, add half a tea spoon of cayenne pepper or cinnamon, if desired. And happily spray!
To fight ants, dilute one-quarter or cup of Tea Tree soap in a quart of water and spray on ants. Careful though, this concentration will burn plants, so no spraying your beloved with this!


Pfiou, that's it! Do you have any you discovered that you want to share with us? Please do!

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