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Artisan Mask Bowl

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The Artisan Mask Bowl is exclusively handmade and signed by Sausalito potter Lorna Newlin for Laurel WPO. Ivory in colour, soft and small in shape, it is perfect to mix Laurel's delicate powder masks easily.


To enjoy a full slow beauty ritual, prepare your powder mask in the Artisan Mask Bowl with a few drops of water or elixir, and serum before applying with the vegan mask brush.


Laurel Shaffer is the heart and mastermind behind the beautiful flower & herb-based facial skincare that is Laurel Whole Plant Organics, nested in sunny California.
Trained botanist, herbalist and sommelier (you can’t make that up!), Laurel instinctively knows the synergies that work best on your skin and mind.
Yes mind too, because those formulas have incredible scents, thanks to the freshness and quality of raw ingredients.
Take a breather and enjoy this moment for yourself, relieving skin and mind at the same time for a little bit of self-love, sent to you warmly from the sunny West Coast (and yours truly).



Measures: 8cm diameter, 2.5cm high.

100% ivory pottery.



Use to mix your Powder Mask.


Mask Application

Preferably in the artisan bowl, or in your palm, add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of powder mask.

Trickle a bit of water or elixir in the bowl with your fingers, work into a paste until reaching preferred consistency. You can also add 2 to 5 drops of your preferred serum to help keep the mask hydrated and active on the skin.
It amounts to approximately the same amount of liquids as of dry powder.
Keep in mind that the consistency should be slightly runnier than what you want the final result to be, as it will jellify lightly while pausing (see next step)


Let steep like your favourite tea for a few minutes.

Apply on your wet Face and Neck with wet fingers or the vegan mask brush.

Leave on for 10-30 minutes.

Be careful to not let the mask dry out during this step. A dry mask can be damaging for the skin and isn't active any more.
To avoid this, you have several options (depending on the length of your ritual or mood of the day):
- Spray with thermal or filtered water regularly
- Re-hydrate with wet fingers (pat gently) or the wet mask brush (same movements as applying)
- Use while taking a hot long bath or shower : the steam from both is enough to keep it moist.
- Indulge in me time with applying a wet warm towel on top of your face, and rest (or meditate...).


To remove the mask, rinse it off.
To avoid scrubbing it off, the best method is to rehydrate it by applying for a few seconds a wet warm towel on the face, pat, then gently rinse off.


Follow by your Elixir Mist and Serum of choice for a full skin treatment.


Care Instructions

Rinse the bowl off with warm water after use, and gentle soap if greasy from serum use.

Dry with a soft cloth.

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