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Minette à Bicyclette

Wild Swim Candle

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Discover Minette à Bicyclette's delicate plant-based candles:


- Amber & White Musk : Bergamot and blond woods, a chic and powdery scent, a touch of amber infused with a hint of violet,
- Cabinet of Curiosities : Travel to a sumptuous Cabinet in one whiff. Fresh and fruity, sweet orange mixed with the green scent of oak moss,
- Eucalyptus : A sweet and herbaceous scent, eucalyptus and winter pine infused with lemon tree leaves,
- Fabulous : Yummy sweet berries are refreshed by a little bit of lime, for a mouthwatering scent,
- Green Leaves : Take a walk on a summer hill : lemon tree leaves meet the sweet pear fruit before enjoying a lingering blond wood note,
- Hill: Wild thyme, white sage freshly infused with lemon, bergamote & ivy for an all natural feast,
- l'Amour : A fruity scent, berries infused with rose petals to dream of love,
- Mint : Invigorating scent of fresh mint with lemon and sweet pepper, perfect for a summer lunch,
- Pink Motel : Salty & powdery notes, sea salt and sage mixed with lavender infused with eucalyptus, to feel and smell like a surf day in the Californian sun,
- Sparkling Grapefruit : Invigorating grapefruit with a hint of lemon tree leaves. Your citrus fix of the day,
- Spruce & Balsam Fir : Resinous soft scent from spruce with a touch of fresh fir, and an underlying orange note.
- Tropical Island : Bringing La Réunion island to your living-room. From her native island, Emmanuelle, founder of Minette, created a fresh, fruity and tangy fragrance with notes of salt, tangor (tropical citrus) and lime.
- Wild Cranberries : Wild berries are always a good and sweet idea, especially mixed with woody notes,
- Wild Swim : Slightly fruity with citrus scents of yuzu & sweet mandarin, with herbaceous notes of green leaves. Like diving in a lake in the woods.


The delicate candles are handmade in the South of France, on top of a hill, with lots of love, fun and inspiration by Emmanuelle, the sparkling mind and heart behind Minette à Bicyclette's creations.


Using plant-based soy wax, they do not release any toxic substance when used, usually synonymous with headaches. Furthermore, the low melting point of soy wax allows for a longer combustion and time of use, as well as a bright and radiant flame. With natural fragrances that are phthalate free, OGM free, and a certified cotton fuse made of paper, lead free of course, you can enjoy the beautiful scents with your eyes closed and your mind at ease.
Let yourself gently drift to the memories they will awaken with their unusual and subtle perfumes stemming from Emmanuelle's passion, curiosity, delicate taste and experience in aromatherapy.


As you can see, it is all about making the more natural (soy wax is 100% biodegradable), non-polluting, non-toxic (to you and Mother Earth), sustainable (from pesticide free, renewable soy plantations) little pleasures. And you'll love to re-use the lovely amber glasses with their Bakelite tops, once you've finished your candle.


40 g - 12 hours/13 hours use

80 g - approximately 20 hours use

100 g - approximately 25 hours use

160 g - approximately 40 hours use

190 g - approximately 45 hours use


Made in France


Candle Size: 40g : Height 5.5cm by 5cm diameter / 100g : Height 6.5cm by 6cm diameter / 160g: Height 8.5cm by 6.5cm diameter / 190g verre glacé : 9cm by 7.5cm diameter / 80g gold : Height 5cm by 6cm diameter / 230g : Height 8cm by 7.5cm width

Ingredients: Soy Wax(o), natural Perfume(c) without Phthalate.

(o) guaranteed without GMO nor pesticides
(c) Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or toxic for Reproduction Substances.

40 g - 12 hours/13 hours use

80 g - approximately 20 hours use

100 g - approximately 25 hours use

160 g - approximately 40 hours use

190 g - approximately 45 hours use

230 g - 50 hours/60 hours use


Care and Use

For your safety and the quality and lifespan of your candle, please observe the following rules:
- Cut the wick at 6mm before each use for a brighter flame and longer use.
- Recentre the wick regularly to avoid touching the glass (risk of heat and glass explosion).
- Burn for maximum 2 hours at a time, not more.
- Do not leave your candle in a breeze, or near inflammable objects, or near a heat source.
- Always place the candle on a flat, heat and fire resistant surface.
- Do not leave a lighted candle without supervision.
- Keep out of reach of children, cats, dogs and other lovely pets.
- Do not handle a hot candle. Let it cool before moving or touching.
- Always space burning candles 7cm from each other.
- Do not let your candle burn till the last drop (it would heat the glass too much), leave 1cm of wax at the bottom.
- Blow your candle out gently to avoid projection. Do not use liquid to extinguish it.


Storage Care

- Do not store your candle above 40°C. The low melting point of the soy wax could cause the candle to start melting.
- Do not store your candle below 0°C. Air bubbles could appear in the wax.


Keep out of reach of children & pets

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