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Our Foundations - Coverage & Finish

Posted on November 14 2019

Hi Guys!


As it is a question we get quite often, here is a little ranking in terms of coverage, of our foundations. We also added the finish so that you have it all in one place :


 Alima Pure - Liquid Silk Foundation Quite sheer coverage with a dewy finish to add a touch of light and hydration (courtesy of Hyaluronic Acid) Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation
14e Cosmetics - Aloe Nourish Sheer Tint with SPF10 Thicker than the Liquid Silk Foundation, it has a light coverage, with hydration and soothing ingredients. Finish is like fresh, hydrated skin. 14e Cosmetics Crème Teintée SPF10
Kosas - Tinted Face Oil Light serum meet foundation, the coverage is light to medium, rather lightly blurring imperfections and adding a touch of color and glow as a finish. Close in coverage with the 14e Cosmetics Sheer Tint, but nothing alike in texture. Kosas Fond de Teint Bio
Alima Pure - Satin Matte Foundation This one is the toughest to rank : from sheer (with a light hand and a soft Foundation Brush) to medium/full (with several layers and a Flat Top Brush). In general it would be medium coverage for most people in a quick application. Finish is Satin Matte with this loose powder. No dew but no dull skin! Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation
ILIA - Vivid Foundation Medium coverage in an easy texture, with a dewy velvety finish. ILIA Vivid Foundation
14e Cosmetics - Aloe Nourish Foundation with SPF23 Medium to full coverage in an creamy texture, with a light velvety finish. 14e Cosmetics Fond de Teint SPF23
Alima Pure - Pressed Antioxidant Foundation Very similar to its Satin Matte Foundation big brother, but with more coverage in one layer. It will go from medium to full, when working with the right tools (Flat top Brush again for a fuller coverage) and in layers. Finish is Satin Matte as well. No dew but no dull skin! Alima Pure Fond de Teint Pressé


Of course, you can always build your coverage by having a light hand or applying two layers. But in usual use, in the morning rush, this is what you can get with an easy application. Hope this helps! 



Anne - a Vivid Foundation gal...




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