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Beauty Routine - Order to apply your products

Posted on April 13 2019

GBB Beauty Hotline


Hello Dears!


So today, to introduce the GBB Beauty Hotline articles I've been dreaming to write for a while, I'll start with the base :
In which order to best apply your products?
Tough one right? A question I've seen and answered many times.


Firstly, if you use the whole routine from a same brand, you should refer to what the brand advises, as they know best how the formulas work together.


Otherwise, if you're a bit adventurous, or if you think something is missing, try simply switching the order of your products to follow what we suggest here (and do) :


1. Cleanse - in the general sense, removing make-up and cleansing. We are strong advocate of double cleanse at night (more on this on a future separate post) and no cleanse in the morning (if you doubled cleanse at night, that's enough for the delicate barrier of your skin... just a gentle Konjac Sponge or directly to Step 2).


2. Mist - with whatever you fancy but without alcohol (like all our mists at GBB, without harsh preservatives), from Thermal water to the most elaborate almost serum Yen Toner for example. This is the pure hydration step, quite important!


3. Eye Care - this is when we like to add the eye contour, so that it deeply penetrates into the skin, for optimum care! No product barrier to diminish the effect of your eye contour, enjoy the full effects.


4. Serum - on wet-from-the-mist skin, only gel-based or water-based serum. For oily serum see Step 6. For Hyaluronic acid serum, remember to always mix them with an oily base, so they would be mixed with Step 5 here (or your Face Oil if you decide to do it on Step 4... did I loose you yet? see below...)


5. Moisturizer - cream, aloe based, balm etc...


6. Face Oil - to seal everything in. You can also apply it on Step 4, it depends what your skin goal is : dehydrated, dry skin? definitely a Step 6 or Step 4 if you use a Balm as moisturizer. Problem skin ? Maybe a 4 or a 6 depending on the properties of the Face Oil (is it for imperfections? Step 4. It is to help soothe? Step 6...). Same for Mature skin, it depends on the Face serum and what you are targeting at first.



Remember, every skin is unique, so it is normal to experiment a little bit and find what feels good for YOU.

Your skin is not the same as your best friend or the model on the magazine. 

You can even find out that what works in Winter will be different from Spring but may be similar to Summer routine if extreme weather... 

Listen to it and you'll end up with a happy and easy glow!



Anne - on the Dehydrated Skin Team, and Step 6 changed everything...




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